Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Erie Streams Stocked with Thousands of Steelhead Smolts

Recently, the PA Fish & Boat Commission released thousands of 6 to 8 inch steelhead smolts into local streams.  These steelhead hopefully will return from Lake Erie in a few years and venture up the same streams to spawn which will provide anglers the opportunity to catch big steelhead trout.

Today, while I checked out 4 mile creek, I saw a few kids fishing for trout.  They were hooking quite a few smolts and some unfortunately were released practically dead.  The kids really could not help it as there were literally hundreds of smolts in the bigger holes along with recently stocked brown trout.

I tried to film the smolts in 4 mile creek with my phone camcorder but the video does not show many smolts due to the glare of sunlight off of the water.  Believe me though, that black mass on the far side of the video is hundreds of small smolts.

The fishing in 4 Mile Creek is going to vastly improve over the next few years due to the  thousands of steelhead smolts being released.

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