Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Perch Out...Bass In.

Today I went fishing down to the South Pier to try for a trophy smallmouth bass.  Bass have to be at least 20 inches to keep in Lake Erie until June 15 when they only have to be 15 inches.  I don't keep bass but they are fun to catch.

I only had about two hours to fish before dark and I tried a bright red rattle spoon.  After about an hour and not catching any fish, I moved out towards the end of the pier.  Immediately, I started catching those pesky gobies.  Then, my rod bent in half and I had a big fish on.  The fish raced towards the surface and I knew I had a big smallmouth hooked.  The fish fought hard and after several minutes I had him to the surface.  My net was not long enough though to reach down into the water so I asked a gentleman to net the fish for me.  He came over and netted the fish and said, "you'll be eating good tonight."  I looked at him and said I was going to toss it back in because it was shy of 20 inches I thought.  I quickly measured the fish and it was just over 18 inches.  It was a fat female, I am guessing around 3 to 4 pounds.  I released the fish unharmed and cast out again.  This time, a white perch nailed my bait and I reeled him in.

That's all I caught today but it was fun.  Remember, June 15 is the bass opener in PA.  Have fun fishing and hook a big one!!!

(sorry folks, did not have my camera today :(

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