Friday, February 8, 2013

Unsafe Ice Conditions on Presque Isle Bay

Yesterday temps crept up to 37 degrees fahrenheit.  The ice began to get a little slushy.  Today, it was terrible weather for maintaining ice.  It reached about 43 degrees and rained all morning.  Now the ice is unsafe to go out on.  Tonight and tomorrow is going to be cold again and it might tighten up, but there are going to be dangerous spots.  I am hearing reports of people falling through daily, so venture out knowing that you might crash through. 

I would wait until Sunday February 10, 2013 to go out at the earliest.  Sure it is great fun to catch fish through the ice but it's not worth the risk of plunging through into water that is so cold it burns when you go through.  Be very careful if you go out Sunday and stick to other people's tracks.  When you venture out onto new spots it increases the danger. 

Presque Isle Bay open bay ice is not safe.  Don't go on it yet.  Misery Bay and Horseshoe Pond have ice but it is barely fishable and less than a couple inches in spots. 


  1. Thanks for the report. I live in Girard so it is difficult for me to keep driving in and then not being able to fish. I will wait and see and follow your advice.

  2. Sure, I get out when I can. This year is bad so far for ice. I don't go out until it is about 5 inches and we have not even hit one day of that yet. Lots of guys though are going out when the ice hits three inches or so. Just when the ice is forming well we get crappy weather that ruins the ice. Good luck when you get out!