Friday, February 22, 2013

Ice Fishing Condition Report Presque Isle February 22 2013

Today I went to Presque Isle searching for good ice fishing spots.  The bay still has open water and tons of waterfowl swimming around.  Generally, we miss the swan migration as they pass over the bay in search of open water to the north.  Not this year!  Today, there were hundreds of swans and canadian geese swimming in the open waters along with hundreds of ducks and coots.

There are only two areas that are fishable.  And, if you want to get some ice fishing in, you better go this weekend as the ice will be unsafe everywhere next week.  The second waterworks pond was recently stocked with 800 trout and there were a few guys fishing it today through the ice.  Misery Bay is barely fishable and seems to have about 4 to 5 inches of snow ice once you get out a ways.  Next to shore the ice is shaky and just off the parking lot there is a stretch of open water lining the shoreline.  Today there was 5 huts on Misery.

Later tonight I am going to post a couple videos on my youtube channel showing the waterfowl and a few brave souls in their huts on Misery Bay today.  My channel is JeffTom66.

Good luck fishing and open water crappie season is right around the corner!

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