Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ice Is Not Safe on Presque Isle Bay

Ice fishing report February 16 2013-

Today, I thought I could go ice fishing and catch some big fat bluegill that I heard are biting in Misery Bay on Presque Isle.  Boy, was I wrong!  Apparently, the wind shifted and blew in warmer lake waters because today there is no good ice anywhere.  The normal fishing hotspots had open water today which is pretty unusual for this time of year. 

I thought Misery Bay was going to be fishable but there is about 10 feet of water by the shore and the ice does not look thick.  There was nobody fishing today on Misery Bay.  The only place that one could fish on Presque Isle today was on the Waterworks pond.  And, the ice was maybe 4 inch thick. 

The weather over the next few days is going to be favorable for the development of ice.  Sunday there is going to be a low of 16 but Monday it gets near 40 again with forecasted wind and possible rain.  Later next week looks optimistic for ice fishing.

On a bright note; the local streams are almost totally blown out as seen in the photo and there are fresh run steelies ready to be caught.  Tight lines!

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