Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Winter Trout Stocking in Erie County PA- Lake Pleasant

The good news is that thousands of rainbow trout were stocked into Lake Pleasant today for the 2013 ice fishing season.  The bad news is that the ice was not too safe to fish for them today.  There was a few brave souls that ventured onto Lake Pleasant today but they did not go out very far for fear they would go through.

According to a report I received, the ice thickness is about 2.5 inches of cloudy snow ice.  Cloudy snow ice is far more dangerous than clear ice with little to no air bubbles.  I, personally, would wait until the cloudy ice is 5 inches before going out on it.

If you are looking to catch trout through the ice; Lake Pleasant is a great place to fish when the ice is safe.  It is a large inland lake that offers enough room for hundreds of fisherman. 

Lake Pleasant also has quite a few bluegill, some perch, largemouth bass, and huge northern pike that dine on the trout. 

You can access the Lake by heading south out of Erie PA on Route 8.  When you reach Hammett Motors on the left about 2 miles south of I-90, take a right and the next road you hit is Lake Pleasant.  Turn left and follow Lake Pleasant Road for a couple miles and the lake will be on your right. 

Good luck fishing and please be safe when going out on the ice. 

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