Friday, October 12, 2012

Jumbo Perch are Returning to the Bay!

Went to the south pier today to try for some perch. The weather was sunny but cold with the temperature starting in the upper 40's and then dropping after dusk. The bite was late today and many small perch were caught. The best part is that some jumbos are now mixing in with the small perch. My brother and I caught some nice fish today. We ended up with 9 fish in the bucket and a few of them were jumbos. The perch bit all the way up until about 8:30 pm and it was pitch black by this time. I normally don't catch perch after dark but today they were hungry. Now that the jumbos are moving back into the bay, I will be fishing a lot more. Steelhead were also jumping but I did not hook any tonight. Perch fishing pressure was light today but quite a few people saw us catching fish so I bet the pressure will increase. Good luck fishing!

1 comment:

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