Saturday, July 28, 2012

Panfish and Bass Hitting Well in Bay.

Todays fishing report has perch being caught at the usual spots in the Lake.  Off of Shades Beach and Seagull Point have been excellent fishing.  If you don't have a boat, fishing in the bay for bluegill, bass, and drum has recently been excellent.  A few channel cats are being caught off of the piers and I heard a report from one fisherman that said he caught ten channels in one night off of the border patrol.

The border patrol is very hard to fish because of the high wall.  Crappies are beginning to show up in the deeper water.  If you are fishing for crappie, try using a jig on a bobber about 2 to 3 feet down.  And as always, tip your jig with a minnow or grubs.

I went fishing the other night and caught some large Sheepshead (Freshwater Drum).  I don't keep them but they are very good fighters.  Good luck fishing!

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