Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making New Soft Bait Lures for Spring Fishing Season.

Trophy Bass season in Pennsylvania is right around the corner and this year I am going to hit them hard.  Recently, I purchased several fishing lure molds and I will be making lures that will catch fish. 

With the invasion of the Round Goby, I thought it was important that I could offer Goby lures that will kill the bass.  A lot of local fisherman have discovered that both Largemouth and Smallmouth bass are eating gobies.  In fact, many put them on their hooks and toss them in and then reel in big bass.

I am unsure about this practice and I believe it may be illegal to catch and hook gobies for bait.  I just contacted the fish commission and should have an answer soon regarding the legality of this practice.

Anyway, my new lure that will be out soon is an imitation goby.  It will come in a variety of colors and I will be testing them to find out the ones that work best.   Bass season is in right now.  Usually, we catch them through the ice off of the second and third parking lots off of Presque Isle.  No ice this year, means that the bass are most likely hanging out in the shallows.  The water is still too cold for bass to be aggressive.  Next month should be really good bass fishing. 

My new goby lure will be able to be fished slowly in colder water.  And, the plastic I am using is soft so the bass will hang on to it.  Stay tuned for more posts where I will be showing off my lures and teaching how to best fish them.  I will be utilizing Youtube for videos and this fishing blog for photos and information.  Good luck fishing!

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