Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Fishing Report and Update- October 2011

The perch are beginning to move back through the channel.  Jumbo's have been reported, however, I have been doing quite a bit of scouting and have not seen too many caught.  Today, the weather was sunny and warm for October and I fished the North Side.  The action was fast and furious.  In fact, I could only fish with 1 rod.  I ran out of minnows well before dark.  I caught roughly 50 fish and the vast majority were very small.  I managed to catch 3 fish that were keepers in the 8 to 9 inch range. 

Generally in the fall this is what happens.  The small ones show up first and then in a couple weeks the size improves. 

Steelhead fishing in the local streams has been very good with many fresh fish in the streams.  I generally stick to panfish but after tasting my friend Bill's smoked steely recipe, I might have to go after 1 or 2. 

Bill has the best recipe for steelhead that I have ever tasted.  Thanks Bill!  He said he got it from Gander Mountain and modified it a little bit.  Hopefully, when I see him again I can get the recipe for you steelheaders. 

Bass are in until the end of the year and are still being caught in good numbers around Presque Isle and the channel.  Today, the gentleman next to me caught a largemouth about 15 1/2 inches.  He put it in his bucket as it was a legal fish (15 inches). 

The weather forecast is supposed to be great for the next few days so grab that rod and catch your favorite fish!  Good Luck!

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  1. I was at the north pier Monday the 3rd and the guy next to me had about 15-20 decent perch in his bucket but it was slower going for the rest of us. I went home with a nice little plethora of nice size crappie, rock bass, and blue gill with one jumbo in the bucket. I'm going today sometime.