Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spring Perch Season at an End.

This spring was a very good perch season but now to catch jumbo perch you'll need a boat.  Bass are plentiful this year and are being caught off of both piers in good numbers.  Remember, you cannot keep largemouth or smallmouth bass until June 18.  However, the trophy season is in effect which means you can keep one fish over 20 inches.  After June 18th, you can keep four fish larger than 15 inches.

Waterway Conservation officers sometimes show up at the piers and will check your fish.  It amazes me how many people during this time of year keep small bass.  The fine is hefty so it is not worth it. 

Rock bass and White Bass are in season year round and you can keep 50 total if you wish.  Bluegills are also biting well now and are a great tasty substitute for yellow perch.  They are a little harder to clean than perch but are very sweet and tasty. 

Also remember if you net your own minnows, you are only allowed to catch 50 a day.   The other day I saw a man down at the south pier net hundreds and put them in his bucket.  Good luck fishin'

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