Sunday, May 29, 2011

White Perch or Yellow Perch? The Differences are Clear.

Today i decided to fish the North Pier.  The wind was blowing steadily from the west and the air temperature was a very nice 75 degrees.  The channel was calm but the current was swift.  I had a very large yellow perch up to the pier and when i went to pull it up it fell off.  I caught about 10 gobies that I fed to a great blue heron and I caught a double of white perch and then a single white perch.  That was it for today.  The bite was very slow this afternoon.  A fisherman next to me gave me a yellow perch.  I'm happy he did so that I can show you a picture of a white perch and yellow perch side by side.  This is not the greatest photo because the fish were in my bucket for a couple hours while i continued to fish.

It is very easy to tell the difference between a yellow perch and white perch.  However, many people mistake white perch for silver bass.  If you eat the fish you catch, there is a big difference in the taste of white perch and silver bass.  White perch are very good; silver bass are a lot fishier tasting. 

The easiest way to tell the difference between a white perch and silver bass is by looking at their stripes on the side of the fish.  White perch only have 1 solid stripe which is high up on their back.  Silver bass, on the other hand, have five stripes on their sides and appear to be more silver in color.  There are other differences between the two fish and hopefully in the future I can post a photo of a silver bass alongside a white perch and describe them to you.  Here's to good fishin'


  1. Is there a difference in taste between white perch and yellow perch? My husband thinks so, but I am not sure. He HATES ocean perch, so its Lake Erie or nothing.

  2. Sorry I missed your comment for awhile. Yes, there is a difference in taste. The white perch is not as "sweet" tasting but it is rather good eating. They also taste sweeter when the water is colder. In the summer, they get a little stronger. IMO, white perch are better than bass and trout.

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  3. Good read but White perch and silver bass are the same thing... white bass have the 5 lines down the body.. both looks similar tho