Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Perch Fishing In Presque Isle Bay

Today I saw a break in the weather and decided to do a little afternoon fishing for perch.  Fishing pressure was light as storms just passed and the weather was improving.  It did not take me long to start catching fish.  I caught three nice perch within a half hour or so and then the weather took a turn for the worst.  It must have dropped about 10 degrees and the wind started blowing hard out of the east. 

I did not catch any fish for about an hour and then the weather started improving again.  The wind subsided and the waves calmed down.  The fish started biting again and I fished for a couple more hours.  I was pleased to have my brother John with me and he caught two nice perch.  I ended up keeping eight fish for a total of 10 in the bucket.  I only threw back three fish today so most of them were nice fish.  My friend Rob showed up too.  And soon he caught a few nice fish.  All in all it was a good afternoon of fishing.  The perch seem to be cooperating from Liberty Pier to the channel.  I heard a report that the fish have moved into the channel and are being caught off of the south pier now.  I have not fished the south pier yet so I cannot verify this.  I like to invite all of my friends and family to go fishing.  So far, my friend Mike has not gone and Randy won't go until it hits 60 degrees.  Now is the time to catch jumbo perch from shore so get those poles ready and give it a shot!  Good luck fishin"

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