Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Biggest Bay Perch Ever!

This afternoon was a good day to go out ice fishing. The winds were from the west and it was not too windy on Presque Isle Bay. I was going to fish off of Chestnut Street but the parking lot was full so I decided to try off of the fourth parking lot on Presque Isle. There were about 30 other huts all clustered around 400 yards off of the parking lot. I asked my brother if he wanted to hike out that far and he said "sure" so we parked and started unloading our gear.

A couple fisherman were just coming in around 12:30 pm so we asked them how they did. They showed us their bucket and there looked to be around 30 perch between the sizes of 8 and 10 inches in one of their buckets. We asked them where they were at and they said they were in 16 feet of water about 100 yards before the rest of the pack. After thanking them for the info, we headed out to what we thought was about where they were. The water depth was about 16 feet give or take so I thought we would catch a lot of fish.

I was in the water for only about 5 minutes when I got a big hit. I set the hook and my drag started zipping out. I thought for sure it was a steelhead and after a few minutes I saw a pretty big largemouth bass coming up my hole. My brother grabbed him as the jig popped out of his mouth. This was my largest bass caught through the ice ever and it measured about 18.5 inches.

About 10 minutes later, on the same rod, I hooked into another heavy fish. This fish turned out to be my biggest bay perch ever! It measured 14 and an eighth inches and I later weighed it at my house on a very accurate digital scale. It's weight equaled 1 pound 9 ounces. Now that's a jumbo perch!

All of a sudden the wind shifted direction and it began snowing. The magical fish turned off like they do and my brother and I sat there for a hour without a bite. I did catch 2 more perch; one that I threw back (7.25 inches) and one more that I kept (8.75 inches). I also had a very large bluegill up to the hole but my jig popped out and he dove back into the depths.

My brother unfortunately got skunked for the day. It was very interesting. I caught all of my fish on the same rod out of the same hole. It must have been jig color. The hot jig today was a glowing red with a white eye.

Well, once again I went out at the wrong time. The guys before us caught a lot more fish in the morning, although I was pretty happy with only a few. I am going to go back out Monday or Tuesday morning and try it again. Good Luck!

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  1. Wow Jeff, nice slab perch. An amazing girth on that fish.