Monday, September 28, 2009

2009-2011 Lake Erie Steelhead Run Outlook

Around Erie Pennsylvania there will be very large steelhead runs making this area one of the top destinations for steelhead trout fisherman in 2009 thru 2011. Pennsylvania's Fish Commission releases approximately one million (that number is correct!) steelhead smolts annually into Lake Erie. Many of these fish venture out into the depths of Lake Erie and become very large and then return to local streams.

Most fisherman not familiar with the Erie area fish just a couple of the many streams that harbor steelhead in the fall, winter, and spring months. For your information I have included a very good link for you steelheaders to browse through. It shows our local steelhead streams and here it is:

The date today is September 28 2009. The past couple days we have received quite a bit of rain that increased stream levels. The steelhead that have been staging the past couple weeks are now most likely moving up the streams and fishing for them will greatly improve over the next few days. Remember to pick up all of your trash as a lot of our fishing is on private lands. May your lines be tight and your hooks be happy!

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