Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Panfish Hitting Pretty Well

I talked to quite a few fisherman and did some fishing myself over the past couple days. Some nice perch are being caught off of the south pier and I saw one fisherman with 10 nice sized fish in his bucket (8-10 inches).

I managed to catch a few crappies with my nephew off of the south pier but they were pretty small. Bluegills are hitting well. Steelhead fishing is now done for the season. At last look, I did not see any fish remaining in the streams.

Remember, it is not regular bass season yet. Silver bass are in season and are also being caught off of the south pier. Personally, I have been having more success fishing in the evenings than the mornings. I really have not caught a lot of fish yet this season but a few each time makes it worth the while.

Largemouth bass are still hitting very well in Presque Isle Bay and in the lagoons. On Saturday, while fishing for crappies, I hooked seven bass and they were all pretty big again (15 to 20 inches).

My cousin caught one of the largest bluegills I have ever seen caught out of the bay. It was the only fish in the bucket so I threw it back in alive and well after we were done fishing.

The water temperature is around 52 degrees now so all of the panfish should be hitting well. May your lines be tight and your hooks be happy.

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