Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dog Gone Gobies!

Been out fishing off the south pier a couple times over the past week and although I did not catch any perch, I caught a lot of other species. The bass, both smallmouth and largemouth, are abundant and hitting well. Rock bass are beginning to show up and over the next few weeks will be hitting well off of the piers.

The round gobies, which are an invasive species from the Caspian Sea, are making fishing difficult and are attacking live bait shortly after it hits the water. If you are interested in gobies and how they arrived in the Great Lakes, here is a good read from the USGS ==>

I took a picture of one and here it is so you can look at this prehistoric looking badguy. May your hooks be happy and your lines be tight! Remember, bass season is not here yet, so please return your fish unharmed.

P.S. For the boat fisherman. Jumbo perch are being caught in large numbers in 32 to 40 feet of water. The schools are concentrated and can be found in the waters north of Northeast PA.

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