Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fishing for Crappies

On Sunday my nephew and I headed out to Presque Isle Bay to try our luck on crappies. It was very cold outside and the wind was blowing hard which prevented us from fishing the open bay. We decided to fish the lagoons. The fishing was slow but we managed to catch a couple decent largemouth bass. The bass were returned to the water unharmed as they were not legal size. One was about 14 inches and the other about 17.
I managed to catch one very nice sized crappie, a 14 incher, and lost a couple others but that was it for the morning. I will be trying periodically throughout this week for more panfish. On Saturday, I saw one fisherman with a bucket of about 10 jumbo perch and it still appears that the jumbo perch really have not moved towards the dock or South Pier as of yet. The steelhead numbers in the creeks are rapidly decreasing and almost all of the fish are dark. Steelhead fishing will be wrapping up for the spring season over the next couple weeks.

If you head out to Presque Isle to fish for crappies make sure to use light line and try different colors of jigs tipped with minnows. The one I caught was on a very small white jig tipped with a live shiner. I was about three feet down from a small bobber. Rain and wind in the forecast may prevent a lot of fisherman from getting out this week (myself included) but when the opportunities present themselves, it should be a decent week of fishing.

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